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- The Earlston Circular 2013 -


In 2005, before we even existed,  Scottish Border Paths created the Earlston Circular walk with other agencies, funding bodies and landowner co-operation.  The 4.5 mile ( 7.25km) country walk was the very first locally sign- posted walk in the Earlston area and proved popular from the outset. 
You can download the descriptive leaflet from the Council website and the route is included in our "Country Walks around Earlston and Redpath".

By 2013 we were receiving feedback from walkers that the path was being less well maintained than in the past. The SBC Access Team, who previously carried out this work, were understandably stretched to meet all their commitments across the area.

As a result, we volunteered to undertake general tidy up and maintenance work on the sections not covered by Council contractors and spent 37 hours tackling the western section from the footbridge over the Leader Water at Carolside to the Blainslie Road.  We made an immediate positive, visible impact with our improvements by: brush-cutting the undergrowth, clearing windblown branches, removing overhanging branches and trees, cutting back gorse and improving drainage.


If you've not tried it yet, the Earlston Circular is a great country walk  - strenuous in places but well worth the effort!  Feeling very energetic? 


Why not combine it with the Leader Water and Diamond Jubilee paths to form a longer figure of eight circuit of approx. 11  - 12 miles!

Attempting this extended route shouldn't be underestimated but for the fit and enthusiastic walker it provides a challenging, tiring but ultimately rewarding full day out in the beautiful Scottish Borders.


View from Carolside bridge looking east

After: the cleared steps of Carolside bridge

After: the small footbridge

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