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- Jubilee Path Improvements Project 2014 -


We created the Diamond Jubilee Path during 2012/13 and formally opened the route in March 2013.
The country walk, supported by a descriptive leaflet, is a highly popular walking route for both locals and visitors. 

Several sections became increasingly muddy, slippery and difficult to negotiate and needed improvement to ensure that access to the route was maintained for all and not just the hardy walker.

A Paths for All grant allowed our volunteer team to carry out extensive surface improvements on several sections: over 350 volunteer hours that equates to over £2.6K!!

Work included improving drainage, path levelling, digging out a "tray" for membrane, inserting steps/slope breakers, laying huge amounts of gravel to form a new walking surface and finally, improving the seating area at the viewpoint.

The local tenant farmer gave us incredible support and without his help, it would have been impossible to transport materials to the work site. Jog Earlston's organiser, David Young, gave an early commitment to organise some additional volunteer helpers and this was much appreciated when moving and laying gravel!


If you'd like to learn more about the work view our album of progress photos.


User feedback was very positive, saying the improvements had made a big difference and admiring how much time we give up to volunteer.  

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