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Back in the old routine but exciting news too!

It's been a busy time.

Millbank's big tidy up eventually took 70 hours and most of January/February. The first major return since Covid interrupted so much of our regular maintenance routines. The weeks were spent on taking out a drain and building a bridge, digging and clearing out numerous other drains, removing bits of fallen trees, repairing handrails and steps.

Speedy's took a hit in the February storm when one of the trees took a header. It pulled down part of the banking, leaving behind the giant root and taking a chunk out of the path. The spoil has been dug out to path level. improving access past the obstacle. The job took 10 hours and resulted in some very tired old bones. Next up it's the start of the "normal" path tidy up.

The more exciting news for us is that Earlston Paths Group has secured a grant from the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Fund 2022, administered by Scottish Borders Council.

There's going to be a new seat on the Earlston Circular, placed in the Carolside estate at a point overlooking the river. It's being produced at Real Wood Studios by Ross Ketteridge with additional design work by All Awards Ltd.

We're very much looking forward to seeing it onsite by the end of April, well before the June celebrations.

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