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Covid-19 Update

The Footpaths

In line with current government guidance on social distancing, we are no longer able to carry out routine maintenance on our network, although may be able to react to any major problem. We anticipate this situation will last for a number of months.

If you are walking on any footpath anywhere, please respect the health and safety of other users by applying social distancing.

You should also remember that the virus can exist on hard surfaces such as gates, handrails and closing mechanisms and take you own appropriate precautions.


Our farming community is busy with lambing etc and needs your respect and support.

Please follow the Outdoor Access Code when walking dogs, particularly in livestock areas e.g. Blackhill, Whitefield and Leader Water Path at Mark Haugh.

Remember dogs should be kept on a lead anywhere with livestock and be under close control and do not abandon Poo Bags: take them to a bin.

Please ensure and check that ALL gates are securely closed behind you when you are on or near all our local farms.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe and healthy.

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