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Fantastic Mr Fox comes to Earlston Path

Fantastic Mr Fox on the Diamond Jubilee path.

Yesterday Earlston Paths Group took delivery of a new seat on behalf of the Wood family from Galashiels and saw it safely installed on the path between Earlston and Redpath.

We were delighted to help organise the installation on behalf of the family.

Difficult to access but our willing band of helpers moved the pieces across a field and down a very steep slope without mishap. The photos prove it!

The carving by Sam Bowsher Chainsaw Carving ,who also created “Jack's Boots” on the Leader Water path, features a fox at one end eyeing-up some unsuspecting small creatures at the other.

The cleverly crafted seat is yet another point of interest for walkers on this popular route between Earlston and Leaderfoot and its location will provide a very welcome resting spot on the walk, just ahead of the steep climb through the trees.

Special thanks to landowners Felicity and Francis Peto, Eric Scott at East End Farm for access across the field, Adrian Paskins from Glenburnie on the tractor saving some impossible lifting and shifting plus, of course, the top team of David, Derrick, Jon and Cobie who turn out whenever there’s a heavy job to be done.

Sam's appearing in this show, filmed in British Columbia and just gone live in Canada, thinks it'll be on a UK channel soon.

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