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We have put out a number of notices and posted online, advising that Leader Water path is currently closed because of the damage to woodlands and other structures caused by Storm Arwen. The main path and some linking routes are blocked by numerous fallen or dangerous trees. Woodlands are privately owned and while we'd all like to see the footpath reopened as soon as possible, please do NOT go out with chainsaws to clear any obstacles. Landowners are aware of the issues and are making arrangements to have the trees removed. Even fallen trees have a value and they may wish to sell the timber, cutting it to the wrong lengths can make it worthless. Earlston Paths Group doesn't own any of the land through which Leader Water and other paths run, most are permissive routes - so please, please leave it to the professionals. We know how much the footpaths mean to so many people and will do all we can to get everything reopened as quickly as possible. Thank you.

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